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Re: [xml-dev] PSVI using existing infoset items

Hi Eric,

Eric van der Vlist wrote:
> As a last alternative, it would also be possible (and quite simple) to
> pass the 2 infosets (source document and PSVI) to a transformation (one
> as source, the second as a parameter). The way to link a node between
> the source and the matching information of the PSVI doesn't seem
> obvious, though, and I don't think it could easily do the trick.
Yes, the link poses the old join question. I think you'd need something
like an extension function so that you could get the context node into
the function as a parameter without changing context, eg

<xsl:variable name="cantHaveTopLevel_value-of_Elements"
select="psvi-init(/)" />
<xsl:apply-templates select=".//*[psvi-info(.)/@type='xyz:myType']" />

Apart from unique element names and unique type names, I'd like access

[1]	does the current element type inherit from type X?

[2]	does it inherit from type X purely through extension? (ie would it
be safe to apply type X templates to this element?)

[3]	an enumeration of its inheritance tree, if any

[4] 	its facets, if any

And I'd like this info to be represented in an easily XPath query-able

Does this sound a reasonable start?