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[xml-dev] Distributed XML for 2002 !

Will we see Distributed XML in 2002 ?

I think we will.

Distributed XML is a different paradigm to Web based XML.

So far, XML is generally limited to implementions of HTTP GET requests on web 
servers or by using SOAP or COM.

This new upcoming paradigm is far more dynamic than this and requires little 
if no programming to implement. Months will be shaved off development of many 
XML projects.

In Distributed XML, documents will find their own way round a distributed 
network of computers. A new type of server allows documents to move in a 
fluid like motion to where they need to go.

Please spare me the lecture on "You're not part of W3C so you are not allowed 
to work on XML things". That just doesn't cut it. Some of histories most 
important and best inventions have been made by people that were shunned by 
the establishment. That's part of the reason why their inventions are so good.

Anyhow, Distributed XML is a reality so get ready to see it in 2002.

CEO, Jay Ayres describes it as like "Napster on steroids for XML" 

More information is available by appointment. A Standard NDA will apply.

Scoffers and hegglers all welcomed. We have a sense of humour also.  


David Lyon