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Re: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

Mike Champion wrote:
> c) It leverages the preferred "namespace" prefix mechanism rather than the
> semi-deprecated (e.g., in SOAP) DTD internal subset or PI mechanisms. Lots
> of people have voted with their feet against these mechanisms that the
> alternatives to xml:id depend on.

Mike, I agree that putting ATTLIST declarations in the internal subset is
not an ideal solution but not for the reasons you state.  I guess it's fine
for technologies such as SOAP to create a sub-set or profile of XML that
they accept, but this can't be taken as a general statement about what is
good or bad in XML.  DTDs and the internal subset won't be deprecated until
the xml recommendation says they are - which I hope will be never (I quite
like 'em! ~ they serve a very useful purpose in document authoring).