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Re: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

At 9:49 AM +1100 11/12/01, Marcus Carr wrote:

>What if they do want to but are not able to?

Then we can't fix it for them, and I also mean we can't fix it for 
them by using a processing instruction instead of an attribute either.

>  I'm not being deliberately obtuse - I
>just don't buy the idea that this is a simple matter of choice. You 
>seem happy to
>marginalise the largest and most complex XML implementations (since 
>they'd be the
>hardest to change) - I'm not satisfied that's the right thing to do. 
>There's no
>point in telling me over and over that they should just update the 
>DTD. They can't.

I'm willing to believe they can't update their DTD, but if they can't 
update their DTD I don't believe they can update their processing 
software to support a new PI either. The DTD is the simplest thing to 
change in this case.

In another thread you just wrote:

The example of a bank was used earlier - here are three reasons that they would
refuse to add the attribute to their DTD:

   a)  it invalidates all of my existing data

   b)  I will need to upgrade the software that [insert number here] people are

   c)  I have no easy way of guaging the impact on the transition into 
my backend

Your points b and c apply equally to adding a processing instruction. 
The only thing PIs would give instead of an attribute is validity. 
The cost of the changing the software is the same with a PI or an 
attribute. The fear of problems that may arise when this new stuff 
gets dumped into the existing database is the same.

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