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The XMLReader Interface, Chapter 7 of Processing XML with Java

I've posted The XMLReader Interface, Chapter 7 of Processing XML with 
Java, on Cafe con Leche. 
<http://www.ibiblio.org/xml/books/xmljava/chapters/ch07.html>: This 
chapter covers:

*	Locating XML parsers with XMLReaderFactory
*	The different kinds of SAXException
*	Reading a document from an InputSource
*	Using EntityResolver to substitute DTD modules and other entities
*	Reading DTDs with DeclHandler
*	Accessing unparsed entities and notations through DTDHandler
*	Lexical events reported by the LexicalHandler
*	Configuring the parser with features and properties

I've still got half the book to go, but I'd venture that this book is 
definitely starting to be seriously useful, and is a solid 
introduction to XML parsing for Java developers. In particular, It 
could certainly be used as a text for an XML course that focused on 
basic XML and SAX. Together chapters 6 and 7 probably cover almost 
all of the SAX API. One more chapter on SAX filters remains to be 
written. After that, it's on to DOM. As usual, all comments are 

| Elliotte Rusty Harold | elharo@metalab.unc.edu | Writer/Programmer |
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