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Re: [xml-dev] So maybe ID isn't a problem after all.

At 08:45 AM 13/11/01 +0700, James Clark wrote:

>(a) Remove the RawName construct in XPointer
>(b) Change the semantics of the RawName construct in XPointer to say that it refers to, say, a element with a xptr:name attribute with a particular value
>(c) Add an xml:idatt(s) to XML

The longer I think about xml:idatts the less I like it, simply
because it feels wrong to add yet another declaration method/
syntax on top of what we already have in this sort of ad-hoc way,
when the problem, operationally, doesn't seem that severe.  Once
again, mea culpa for pushing this grungy snowball over the 
edge of the hill.

I don't understand XPointer well enough to have an intelligent
opinion about (a) or (b).  Except for I'm generally in favor
of removing things :) -Tim