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Re: [xml-dev] Interoperability [long]

Sean McGrath wrote:
> BTW, have you guys on xml-dev seen the collateral damage
> in terms of  complexity/readability to the SAX/DOM/XSLT
> programs that have become "namespace aware"?

I can imagine this in XSLT programs, but what's the problem with
SAX/DOM? Adding namespace processing to my SAX program added a single
line of code to startElement and endElement:

   if (!uri.equals(XMLDBMSConst.URI_XMLDBMSV2))
      throw new MapException("Unrecognized namespace URI: " + uri);

Granted, I only use one namespace, but if I used multiple namespaces, I
the processing wouldn't be any worse. I figure out what element I'm
processing by looking up the local name in a hash table. If I wanted to
process elements from multiple namespaces, I'd just hash on
URI^localName (using the convention proposed by John Cowan a long time
ago). I process DOM trees (which do use multiple namespaces) in a
similar manner.

What am I missing here?

-- Ron