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Re: [xml-dev] Interoperability [long]

Ronald Bourret wrote:
> Sean McGrath wrote:
> > BTW, have you guys on xml-dev seen the collateral damage
> > in terms of  complexity/readability to the SAX/DOM/XSLT
> > programs that have become "namespace aware"?
> I can imagine this in XSLT programs, but what's the problem with
> SAX/DOM? Adding namespace processing to my SAX program added a single
> line of code to startElement and endElement:
I'm sorry, but maybe I'm so corrupted by over-exposure to XSLT that I've
simply got acclimatised. What do you mean, Sean, by collateral damage to
namespace aware XLST programs?

Are you referring to the fact that all XSLT transforms have to be
namespace aware to distinguish between code and data, or are you
referring to the added complexity of dealing with input or output from
one or more namespaces? Or are you talking about writing the XSLT engine
in the first place? If it's one of the first two I really don't see much
collateral damage, but maybe you've had a different experience you could