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   RE: [xml-dev] dtds, schemas, xhtml, and multimedia technologies

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>[Daniel wrote:] Com'on ... Who on earth would use "Empowering You" as
his mail name except a troll or spam like PR agency. Seems to me Just So
Obvious what is their job and who they work for. 

Empowering You! is actually Pamela L. Ammond dba Empowering You! (yes,
the company name includes the exclamation point).  I started it in 1983.
You all are going to be bothered by this, but I'm responding truthfully
anyway, there were two reasons why I chose the name Empowering You!:  

1.  Back in 1983 I was extremely excited about discovering Windows 3.1.
(I wanted to combine my art and computer skills by going into multimedia
and I was excited that now I could do so much more graphically on the
computer)  I felt like a wizard and that I could make magic with the new
technology (just like I feel now about .NET); that I could really use it
to empower people; and that it was a totally awesome paradigm shift from
DOS and Unix text based environment. Yes, it was a knock off of Apple
and nothing really new, but it felt like it to me.  (I know you are
thinking "another Microsoft product, geez, get over it", but that's the
truth and since 1983, I haven't been very excited about Microsoft until
.NET, and in fact decided to program in Cold Fusion instead of ASP.)

2.  Windows, computers, XML, etc. are just tools.  I named Empowering
You! to remind me that what I was currently doing was just a small part
of the big plan of where I intend to go, and still it is, (surprise! I
believe .NET is just a tool, not a religion :-)  But at the same time, I
think it is an awesome paradigm shift and will really unify us and allow
us to do so much more than before it came along (remember you can do
things like code in Cobol in .NET)).  I love the journey and hope to
someday really empower people more than I am now, by using all the tools
and concepts I've gathered along the journey.  So the name Empowering
You! is always there reminding me not to get stuck somewhere in my path
of learning, using, and doing; to keep on moving forward and never rest
on my current accomplishments.

Empowering You! is what shows as my email name because I use it for
business correspondence.  My clients recognize email coming from
Empowering You! while they may not recognize something coming from Pam
Ammond.  And it's the business I want to advertise, not me.  I am not
using at as a "handle", it's the company name used for marketing

You all (not to again over exaggerate saying it is all of you, but using
it in the southern manner to indicate a group of people) are an
excellent example of why I never put my company name on my booth at
conventions.  People take one look, say "I'm not into that" and pass by
without even seeing what's in the booth.  This is just a fact (people by
nature must be selective in what they view or they would be
overwhelmed), I'm not trying to be disrespectful of you.  

the Bible, Koran, etc.  It's in writing for all of you to see.  Ok?!!!  

But if they ever did want to pay me for being me, I'd snap at it.  One
can get very broke learning a huge new thing like .NET and all the
related technologies like XML. So I don't guarantee this statement to be
true in the future.  But on the other hand, I can't imagine that they'd
ever hire a miniscule company like Pamela L. Ammond dba Empowering You!
or want to pay me for being me.  "Hey Microsoft, I'm kind of broke right
now.  Would you please send me a check just because I'm like many other
programmers and am trying to learn .NET.  It would be GREATLY
appreciated.  My address is 2119 Dennison Place N.W.  Canton, OH
44709-2758.  If you could get it out ASAP then I could buy that new book
on XSLT I saw yesterday at Borders and your new one on XML Applications
I also wanted.  Gee, that's $100 right there!.  So if you could make my
check for a few thousand, that would be nice.  Of course, if you want to
make it for a $10,000 that's a nice even number and I could take some
DevelopMentor classes on .NET that I saw in the mail.  Thanks in
advance, Pam")  

Or maybe I should ask Microsoft for pain and suffering payments for
being me and also in the xml-dev forum (just kidding!).

Pam Ammond
Empowering You!

website: http://www.empoweringyou.com 
Please check out the "Wow! Look At Windows XP" book I wrote at


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