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   RE: [xml-dev] Tamino status

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Hello Elliotte and all others,

first of all, thanks a lot for your interest in Tamino! 
Yet, please don't be afraid, Tamino is still alive - maybe more than ever before ....

Actually, it's very good that "someone" mentions Tamino, so it is a good opportunity for "anyone" to step in :)

I think in this case, this "anyone" should be me  - Frank Jung -  BUT ... don't mind if you haven't heard that name before ....

After Mike Champion has taken over other duties outside of Software AG in December 2004, I have started to monitor your list conversations back in January and I still haven't spotted a proper opportunity (but this one) to let you know that I exist <g>.  
Yet, as my role is that of the Product Marketing Manager for Tamino at Software AG Headquarters in Germany, I regard this as a wonderful opportunity to step in and introduce myself to you guys. 

One thing I can already say up-front: Though Tamino can be considered a quite mature product, development work has definitely not been completed!

BUT ... before I'll get closer to what will be coming up next in Tamino XML Server, I would still like to thank Mike Chamnpion for his great contributions to all of us who work at Software AG and specifically for the Tamino team, as he always was a great advocate for strategic issues on XML and XML storage. But his extraordinary knowledge of the industry is perhaps no news for you .... 

At this point in time I am not sure whether I can step in his shoes and continue for Software AG in the often humorous style and the amount of thoughts he contributed to this forum ;-). Probably, this isn't even what I want to do .... 
The good news, however, for all forum members is, that Mike is still around here and does still contribute to this great forum as we were used to. I'm looking forward to exchanging our thoughts about XML and XML storage issues more frequently across this forum. 

For me, though, there's a little bottleneck: 
While I am impressed about the quality of the content that's been discussed here, I must also admit that I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information that is flowing around in the XML-DEV "premises". With all the current activities around Tamino and other related developments I really have a hard time following all what's discussed here. So please don't get angry at me when I do not respond as quickly as you're used to from the insiders of this forum. I promise to do my best ... ;-)

So, what's happening with Tamino right now?

I know, over the past years with all the tremors we experienced in the company due to "not unsignificant" layoffs in the countries we've probably done a "not so good" marketing job in promoting Tamino XML Server and other offerings: But it should be no news for all of you that the overall (X)DBMS industry has struggled for survival and that marketing dollars were scarcely spent. As such, I am glad that Software AG and the XML/Tamino team have yet managed to survive. And, I'm convinced that we did not bad at all, as the latest financial figures revealed!

A good sign for doing pretty good I consider Software AG's partnership announcement with Fujitsu Software that may fast forward Tamino (plus all other XML integration products we offer) in the near future. Just have a quick look at this article in today's Computer Business Review Online:  
-> http://www.cbronline.com/article_news.asp?guid=259782AC-EC72-47F3-A43A-83B744EC193A

I think, together with Fujitsu, Software AG will be in a great shape to raise further worldwide interest in our combined integration and business process management offerings, which in turn will lead to continued enhancements of the associated underlying base products and solutions (e.g. Tamino XML Server). 

Further, it is a good sign for all XML Database vendors, that there's obvioulsly a rising interest in XML storage on the market as more and more XML data is available and needs to be stored somewhere (with least possible effort) and as major DB vendors show that they finally see a need for such storage technology in the near future.  

To make it short and respond to your question:
What can you expect from Tamino (this summer)?

Well, time didn't stand still and the announcement above already tells part of the story. 
While Tamino as an XML database product has, quite frankly, reached some level of maturity, there's still a lot of functionality left to implement in order to cover evolving (X)DBMS requirements and to serve as the announced integration metadata repository (IMR). A good sign for this "maturity" is probably the fact that more and more customers are using Tamino in mission-critical scenarios. Tamino is already successfully tried and tested in such High Availability scenarios (e.g. on Solaris with Veritas Cluster Services version 3.5) and we intend to soon expand our offrings on this end as well. 

An important issue for the XML database aspect is "standards", as they are and will be in an evolving state that needs to be continuously reflected in the product,too. As such, with regard to XML Database functionality, Tamino is currently being enhanced to cover the proposed XQuery functionality more completely and to become ~100% XML Schema compliant. Of course, enhancing robustness, usability and performance is always an issue that is constantly addressed by engineering. 

On the other hand, we have the IMR in mind, which requires further abilities, such as extended Web services interoperability, e.g. via UDDI lookup services for Web services. Also, though we donated WebDAV server code to Jakarta Slide last year, we have continued to develop it and will introduce quite significant enhancements on that end, too. These and other enhancements will not only be needed by the IMR but also for other packages in the Software AG stack of offerings. But let's talk about that later, when Tamino comes closer to its next release.

I hope you can be a bit patient .... 


-= FJ =-

Frank Jung 
Product Marketing Manager Tamino

Business Line XML Integration 
Software AG - The XML Company
phone: +49 (6151) 92-1925,  fax: +49 (6151) 92-1608

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Elliotte Harold [mailto:elharo@metalab.unc.edu] 
> Sent: Freitag, 4. März 2005 17:07
> To: XML Developers List
> Subject: [xml-dev] Tamino status
> Anyone happen to know the current status of Software AG's 
> Tamino? It's 
> still sold and supported, right? Is any further major development 
> planned, or it it now considered a mature product?
> I vaguely recall some mentions here in the last few months that major 
> development work had completed, but so far I haven't been 
> able to find 
> anything conclusive in the archives.
> -- 
> Elliotte Rusty Harold  elharo@metalab.unc.edu
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