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Re: [xsl] ANNOUNCE: Petition to withdraw xsl:script from XSLT 1.1

At 02:58 PM 3/1/01 -0800, Steve Muench wrote:
>then we're definitely thinking about different environments.
>Most of my transformations run inside server-side publishing
>frameworks or server-side database processing or server-side
>B2B XML message transformation. I test my transformations
>(and occasionally the extensions they may need to depend on)
>before putting them in production and don't want runtime
>I can see that from a command-line in a document production
>environment or from within a visual XSL tool, such user-interaction
>might be desireable.

Or how about when you move a style sheet between systems, and it drops dead 
the first time you run it.  Wouldn't you rather have some kind of 
opportunity to figure out what happened, and then make a choice that fixes 
it?  I'm not real fond of having to dig through both the style sheet and 
the system configuration, personally.  It's not that difficult to implement 
such things on servers...

I guess you work with people who can afford to test their transformations 
in the exact same enviroment as their production systems.  That's nice when 
it's possible, but I think I'd rather have smarter systems that let me 
figure out the differences between the two systems than have to shell out 
for multiple licenses, thanks.

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