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Henry S. Thompson wrote:

> [G]iven
> <?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>
> <!DOCTYPE foo [
> <!ATTLIST foo baz CDATA 'banana'>
> ]>
> <foo/>
> some conforming processors will fill in the attribute value and some
> won't.


As Section 5.1 says:

# While [non-validating processors] are not required to check the
# document for validity, they are required to *process* all the
# declarations they read in the internal DTD subset [...] up
# to the first reference to a parameter entity that they do /not/
# read; that is to say, they must use the information in those
# declarations to [...] supply default attribute values.

The presence of "must" means that processors that don't fill in
the attribute value are not conforming processors.  This is
an important point, since it is a widespread myth that non-validating
processors may ignore the DTD altogether.
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