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Re: [xml-dev] XML for Video, Pizza Shops & TakeOut

> > But what I'd really want is the nearest NON-CHAIN store.
> > Products funneling me exclusively to BigCo products are not
> > in the interest of this consumer (or, arguably, most of them).
> This reminds me a bit of my early hopes for XML.  It looked like a cool
> way to create tools which were useful, small, and ubiquitous.

It is!  Just that's not what people have (until recently) been getting
paid to build.

> Instead, a lot of the XML out there is still hulking, enormous, and used
> only as bridges between particular systems.

It's a sign that lots of hulking/enormous systems are getting
brought onto the web, and they've desperately been needing
tools that were useful and ubiquitous.  It's the "small" that's
been lacking, for various reasons ...

> Win some, lose some.  

Two out of three ain't bad ... it's a win in most games!

- Dave