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Re: [xml-dev] XML for Video, Pizza Shops & TakeOut

At 18:38 17-10-2001, David Lyon wrote:
>Let's all be honest. Most of us work for big companies and we don't want
>small companies to have cool technology because that would be a competive

Let's be honest: most of us do technology work because we think it's cool, 
and most of us are lucky enough to get jobs where we can get paid for 
playing with the cool stuff.

But as far as XML getting boring: as others have said, the boringer it 
gets, the more successful it's becoming.  It should disappear into the 
ductwork, it should become the tunnels under the city, as CMSMcQ said at 
the SGML/XML '97 keynote.  Or as (I think) Tim Bray likes to say, how many 
people attend ASCII conferences?  That's where XML should be going.

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