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Re: [xml-dev] Principles for an Ethical and Sustainable Internet - XML

On 28 August 2012 23:32, Liam R E Quin <liam@w3.org> wrote:
> Where this becomes relevant to XML is that we need to provide ways of
> enabling people to pay, ways to embed suitable metadata and to make it
> easy, ways for people to know "there's a concert in your town next month
> where The Dog Turds will be playing, and you listen to them so much that
> the integrated circuits in your iPod have started to smell bad"

A possible field in metadata that can be interesting, is a url to a RSS feed.

So when a iPod or other device is playing music from The Dog Turn,  it
shows the feed.... maybe with information about what city the next
concert will be, or perhaps the feed can be filled with ads. So
somebody would pay money to the group, so maybe 200.000 persons would
be reading that in the iPod.  Musicians can use this channel to
promote other similar musicians, this is very important.  If you play
banjo, and you recommend two other banjo musicians, the group of
people that enjoy banjo music will grown, and you will have more
people buying your music;  people is trapped in the network effect of
a lot of pop singers, not because pop is the best music. If you like
pop, you have a variety of singers,and some of them do the pop thing
very good. Its rewarding to enjoy pop.

Recently, I have seen this effect with Indie games.   Indie games used
to be a very rare thing, with few artist, the distribution limited to
friends & family.  Now indie games is "a thing", there are indiegames
blogs,  people know what to expect from a indie game and have good
experiences with them.  The likeness of people to buy another indie
game is very high, because are cheap games and people love the
crazyness and originality in design.   A single indie game dev have
the marketing muscle of almost nothing, but 4 or 5 can combine efforts
and do one of these "Humble Indie Game Sales" and get frontpage news
in sites like slashdot, that maybe have 1 million readers.   Getting
that website endorsement can result in  ~30K $ average/site [1]. So
one of these "Humble Indie Games" can make 1 million dollars [2].   So
why musicians are not promoting other musicians??   is money left on
the table.  If you have 20K fans, and other dude have 130K, and other
dude have 200 K, you could build a group of 310K to buy your stuff.
Another thing is that 1 million dollars is nothing for a big
publisher, but for 4 indie game dev guys is a lot of money.

A lot of how some information industries work ( journalism, music,
movies, etc.. ) is self defeating and favour big titles, but would
kill medium size or small ones. Using these self-defeating rules the
game is ringed, but is possible to use technology to change the rules,
and then become a win. A lot of people should start changing the rules
of the game, and stop crying about the ruined milk.   I respect when
some authors say "thief"... I know where that claim come from, is a
feeling, but strictly speaking in not correct, and is not building
towards a solution.



ℱin del ℳensaje.

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