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Related resources (was Re: Namespace or document gloss?)

OK, I'll try again on this.  It seems to me that the sort of bundles we
might want to be able to apply to documents in an indirected fashion, we
might also reasonably want to apply in a hardwired manner too.  The
problem I think I want solving is some kind of reconciliation between
the proliferation of things like:

<?xml-stylesheet .. ?>

Seems to me that we're solving this problem along the way here. The
things that we're defining for namespaces work equally well for
document instances.  In which case not only do I want the ability to
hardwire this *if I wish*, but I'd also like to be able to apply bundles
to document fragments (ie.  anything an XPointer can reference).

I'm hoping to solve the sort of problem I describe in

The way I see it I'm looking for a standard way (by which I mean a
vocabulary and syntax(es) on which we all agree) to describe related
resources, and then ways to attach these to a namespace, a document, or
a document fragment--or inline them when deemed necessary.  Can others
see this use case?

(If I've missed this already being stated, then I apologise. Perhaps a
very brief but explicit statement of the scope of the problem being
tackled might help.)

-- Edd