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Re: [xml-dev] Principles for an Ethical and Sustainable Internet - XML

On 29 August 2012 06:23, Len Bullard <Len.Bullard@ses-i.com> wrote:
> This isn't about advertising your software or game.  This is about
> illegally copying them and then distributing them on a site that sells
> ads.

By distributing that software without asking money, these companies
prove that theres a market for it, that is possible to make money just
distributing software with ads.  Adobe or Microsoft could make money
the same way.  Adobe could let people download Dreamweaver 3.0 from
his website, and use ads to make money from these downloads.

What Adobe really do, is to ask maybe 3000 $ for a license, and expect
the 99% of people (students that have maybe only 4$ to pay for
software)  to warez Photoshop. The business model of Adobe is the 1%
pay 3000$, and the other 99% warez it.  It seems good enough for
Adobe, but I have zero sympathy for it.  I would like more a system
that don't imply people warezing stuff.   In any case, the Adobe model
seems to work for Adobe.   100% of all graphic designers know how to
use Adobe, and may not know how to use Gimp, so this force a webmaster
studio to buy a license.

> I tell you what:  let's get copies of Mike Kay's Saxon libraries and put
> them on a site for free downloads.  That site will be paid for by ad
> revenue from commercial ad servers but the advertised products will be
> pornography and deadly fake pharmaceuticals.

Another service that pirates do, is classification of software.
Generally these websites are well designed, and include screenshots, a
review of the product. Anyone tryiing to "steal" his bussines model
sould read these pages and copy all the good ideas to how to tell
people about software.  I am a great fan of things done well, and
warez webpages sell software incredible well.   Steam game pages are
also very good, but maybe iTunes pages can have a improvement...
Somebody has worked hard, and used his talent, to classify all these
images, make or find these screenshots. That is a service.  Companies
exist to provide services and make money doing it, and if the pirates
are doing it, is because nobody else is doing it.  if you can't stop
distribution, you should be the one doing it.

Everyone I know used to pirate games, but now buy them at steam.  The
more "cheap"  ones just wait for a sale, so the game that I have paid
50$, then pay 5$,  but is still making money for the creators (or the
publishers),  and (of course)  Steam basically swim in money. Because
this is the way to sell information at people, and the way to make
lots of money.   iTunes is probably also doing a lot of money for
Apple, with all these gratis games and stuff.  This must be shocking
for some people, how can selling gratis games can make money for
Apple?  If something is free, how can make it money!?, It must be a

In the case of XML and some librarie.  Well.  Open Source devs used to
make libraries for his own motives, but theres a way to monetize it
now.  You can start a Kisktarted project, and invite people to pay for
the budget to create the librarie X to do something Y.   If people
really want to solve Y with X, will pocket some money, and if enough
people want that (or want to help the author)  then the project will
achieve the monetary goal.

Another open source company can give a complex software for free, but
offer services, and put a cost of these services (maybe 100$/hour).
Wow, another gratis software!, these people must be crazy!.  This
company can get this software and install it on some company, and give
the software for free, but bill the hours of service to install it /
configure it and so on.

If you market is made of a almost 99% of people that don't want to pay
for software, you have, and perhaps you can find a way, to bill people
for other stuff that is not selling then a box with a printed cd

> Of course, it isn't theft.  That software is free.  Problem solved.  Now
> drink the milk.

The milk is warm and tasty, thanks :D

> len

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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